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      1. Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Wujin Xingye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Crusher series product technology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service

        Xingye Machinery has a large-square-meter standardized heavy-duty industrial plant, a variety of different processing and assembly equipment, advanced equipment and inspection instruments, a strong team of experts, standard and complete personalized services, and a systematic market network. All of these are the solid foundation for Xingye to expand its territory and move forward courageously, and it is a powerful guarantee for Xingye to serve the country and go global.

        • 興業機械-公司簡介

          Company Profile

          Xingye Machinery has rapidly grown into a bright star in the industry with scientific management methods, excellent manufacturing processes, and innovative manufacturing concepts...

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        • 興業機械-檢測設備

          Testing equipment

          From product research and development, production, quality inspection, machine testing, sales to after-sales service, are rigorous, realistic, scientific style to create products and services to customer satisfaction...

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        • 興業機械-生產設備

          Production equipment

          Every day, there are all kinds of crushing equipment in the birth of industrial, each process has experienced strict quality control process. Xingye people always uphold the corporate philosophy of "committed to become your satisfied partner", upstream supporting enterprises to provide high-quality raw materials...

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        興業機械電話咨詢 0519-88664288
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